iLumens LED Lighting

InnoSys’ iLumens technology is on the forefront of developing intelligent lighting solutions related to the control, communication, analytics, sensing and monitoring technologies that are fundamentally changing the power consumption and utility of lighting systems. iLumens lights collect a wide variety of sensor information that can be used for everything from enhancing energy savings to improving security and efficiency. Here are some examples of how iLumens may benefit a variety of applications.

Performance Capabilities

Automatic and Manual Dimming: iLumens LED technology monitors ambient light and intelligently auto-dims lamps in response. Dim level can also be adjusted manually or timed through a control system. 

Plug-and-Play:  Replacing fluorescent lamps (compact or linear) with iLumens LED technology is as easy as plug-and-play – no re-wiring or ballast change required making your retrofit easy and cost effective.  iLumens can also be directly powered by AC or DC.

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi: iLumens lighting can accessed on the individual lamp level through blue tooth and wifi communication pathways

Constant-Lumens: iLumens LED power supply and driver technology allows for constant lumen output regardless of type of ballast or lack of presence of ballast (can be wired directly to AC or DC power). Such components are a part of InnoSys’ specialty in ultra-high efficiency, extremely high power factor (PF), very low total harmonic distortion (THD), very low electromagnetic interference (EMI) electronics.

Two-Way Communication: Communication with iLumens lighting can also be done through a cybersecure interface and protocol using computer software, servers, tablets, smartphones, or local manual controls. 

Long Life: Long lifetime stands out as an important benefit of LED lights. iLumens LED lamps have an outstanding operational lifetime of up to 50,000 hours; and up to two times longer with auto dimming. Unlike incandescent or fluorescent lighting, the lifetime of LEDs is not shortened by frequent switching or thermal cycles.

Energy Efficiency: iLumens LED technology delivers between 50-90% energy savings over older lighting technology, such as fluorescent, halogen, high-intensity discharge (HID), incandescent.

Autonomous Control: Once configured, each sensor or group of sensors can operate iLumens lighting autonomously, or can be integrated into energy management systems to maximize energy savings and enhance the work environment, while providing detailed analytics and monitoring, including for marine and shipboard applications.

Instant-On: Unlike fluorescent lights, iLumens LED lighting is “instant on” with no flicker or RF interference.

Light Therapy: iLumens lighting can be tuned to wavelengths that are important to the health of employees, patients or customers. Specific wavelengths can aid in Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and help regulate circadian rhythms for better sleeping.

Low EMI: iLumes LED products meets MIL_STD-461F RE 102 standards for electromagnetic interference.

Solar-Friendly: iLumens systems can be used with low-voltage DC, line-voltage DC sockets, and any existing ballast model without requiring power converters.

Backward-Compatible: iLumens is completely interoperable with existing energy management systems and can be used with different brands of equipment already installed.

Personal Configurations: The iLumens user profile software allows users to configure lighting profiles from a system-wide level all the way down to the individual lamp level, allowing for a wide range of control, monitoring, and analytics (via a control system, computer, tablet smartphone, etc.).